Essington’s Ideas offers you three different levels of coaching.

Level 1 (seed):  Teaching you how to face and overpower your fears so you may prosper financially, spiritually and emotionally.

Level 2 (plant):  Teaching you how to buildup your courage and define a successful plan for growth and success.

Level 3 (fruits):  Taking your self to the next level of your life: defining your legacy, writing and publishing your story.

Each coaching level is built around your needs. No one size fits all. Essington will personally demonstrate proven techniques and strategies that build upon your strengths to achieve success, by YOUR definition.





  Coaching Sessions

You will need your Payment Confirmation Code to schedule a session.

Here are the steps:

      1. select the Pay Now button,

      2. pay and get confirmation code, then

      3. return to this page, and select the Schedule An Appointment button

           to schedule a session.


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